Folsom Two Bridges Circuit Race 35+ 123

Photos by Brian Joder,

With 1 lap to go Keith DeFiebre(Scott-Ritchey-Oakley) has just bridged up to a 6 man break along with Brian Choi(Sierra Nevada).  The break includes Kevin Klein(Rock Racing), Daniel Martin(VOS), Andres Gill(Pacific State Bank Cycling Team), Don Langley(Morgan Stanley/Specialized), Christopher Baker(EMC2-Felt), and Rick Bradley(Sierra Nevada). The 8 riders now head out on the final lap with the field not too far behind.  In the main pack Jeff Poulsen(VOS) and Joel Robertson(Sierra Pacific Racing) are marking each other as they sit 1-2 in Omnium rankings for the weekend. 

DeFiebre goes to the front and pulls the break hard the final time up the Folsom Bridge climb.  He was trying to gain spots in the overall Omnium.  DeFiebre kept the speed high up the Folsom Bridge riser making sure the field could not close in on the break.  At the top of the climb a game of cat and mouse started to take place.  The group started to really look at eachother but not work, so Rick Bradley did a flyer and gapped the break making a push for the finish.  There was still 3/4 of a mile to go.

DeFiebre was first to react and jumped up to Bradley and the two riders were on their own, as the rest of the break seemed to be waiting for the sprint.
At the base of the final riser, DeFiebre surged ahead solo going for the win, while behind the chase finally got going.  It was a long way to go solo, but DeFiebre made it to the finish with enough time to savor the moment.  The sprint for 2nd place was won by Kevin Klein over Dan Martin.  

Top 5 Circuit Race- Master 35+ 1/2/3
1 . Keith Defieber - Scott Ritchey/Oakley

2 . Kevin Klein - Rock Racing
3 . Daniel Martin - VOS Racing
4 . Andres Gil - Pacifc State Bank
5 . Don Langley -  Morgan Stanley
Jeff Poulsen won the Criterium on day 2 of the Omnium and sealed the deal shadowing Joel Robertson across the line in Sunday's Circuit Race.
Top 5 Overall Omnium Master 35+ 1/2/3
1 . Jeff Poulsen - VOS Racing 44 55 35- 134
2 . Joel Robertson - Sierra Pacific 50 44 36- 130
3 . Keith Defieber - Scott Ritchey/Oakley 34 40 50- 124
4 . Brian Choi - Specialized 46 25 38- 109
5 . Bob Delp - Ride for a Reason 48 29 27- 104

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