2011 Officer Elections

via Bill Nicely
Nine positions open.
Candidates are nominated by member clubs.

Candidates (nominated by) so far are:
Rick Adams (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club - Barry Gordon), statement
Bill Nicely (Golden Chain Cyclists - Robert Leibold), statement
Tad Borek (Golden Chain Cyclists - Robert Leibold), statement
Keith DeFiebre (Valley Spokesman - Ken Hernandez)
Robert Leibold (Valley Spokesman - Ken Hernandez), statement
Ken Hernandez (Golden Chain Cyclists - Robert Leibold), statement
Katheryn Curi Mattis (Third Pillar - Jon Orban)
Warren Geissert (Third Pillar - Jon Orban), statement
Eric Peterson (Pedali Alpini - Melanie Peterson), statement

Jess Raphael (Chico Corsa - Jeffrey Galland) -
"I am committed to improving the enjoyment, quality, and safety of this marvelous sport in this accomplished region. If I am called upon to serve the NCNCA, I will continue to do so with the enthusiasm, honesty and passion I have always shown.

The most important subject in my life is my family, which is currently in division and revision. Because my primary focus will be on my children during the coming year, I will agree to serve on the Board only if there are not nine other qualified candidates.

The region is priviliged to have the nine other candidates whose names have been tendered. If all nine accept their nominations, I will respectfully withdraw mine."

Nominations end at midnight on October 26th
Electronic voting starts on October 27th via http://www.ballotbin.com

Election process:
1) Open nominations
2) Receive nominations
3) Inquire for candidates acceptance of nominations
4) Request and secure candidate statements
5) Publish statements
6) Close nominations
7) Hold elections

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