2008 DoneAgain RR, 45+ 4/5 report

Category: Cat 4/5 Master 45+
Place: 5th of 50
Weather: cool and Windy!!
Teammates: none in my race
Distance: 42 miles
Peninsula Velo Representation: Alejandro, Jeromy, Fred, Steve Moro, Bill Mirbach, Whitney, others??
Another Road Racing season wraps up, that was quick, seems it was just a few months ago I was planning for those March races.  I've always called Dunnigan a 40 mile criterium, no attrition and it comes down to a 50 person field sprint.  With the wind cranked up today, there was alot of attrition.  I guess it was similar to the early season race (Bariani), but not as bad.  I really liked today's race.
The race is one big 42 mile clockwise square (approx).  Start is in the "lower right".  On the westbound legs we were strung out on the center line, everyone getting hit by a wind from the right.  I think the wind was out of the NW.  So on the northbound sections we were strung out on the right side of the road, getting hit by the wind on the left.  Finally caught a well-deserved tailwind on the eastbound leg.  On the final southbound leg, we had the full effects of a tailwind, cruising at 30+ mph.
The darn finish jumped up at me again.  I had markers, big silos.  I looked right at the silos and thought, those aren't the right silos.  :-)  The next thing I saw was a marshal waving us off the main hwy for the last 1km.  I was at the back of a 20 person pack.  We had to pop over an overpass then finish the last 500m.  Just like last year, I made up alot of places going over the freeway but this year I had something left.  I closed a gap to the lead group of 6 or so.  I (ever so gradually) picked off a couple people in the last 200m and finished 5th.  Had to hang around 2.5 hrs for the results, protest and final results.  Very nice t-shirt though!!
Erik Salander, Peninsula Velo


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