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Promoter Process Timeline(Updated: 1/13/2011)

Over the past year, the promoter submitted the entire permit application, in particular the race flyer, without any prior review with the Permit Coordinator (PC) or Chief Referee (CR). What always ends up happening is that the flyer gets revised multiple times and PC had to go through a very time consuming and manual process to get all the paperwork corrected online.

The process outlined in this document is aimed at allowing the PC, CR, and promoter adequate time to provide feedback and corrections prior to anything being submitted in the system.

While it is still acceptable for the promoter to submit the permit application paperwork online or by mail prior to the PC review, there could be unnecessary delays in allowing the flyer to be published or registration to be opened.

Race permit questions should be sent using the form contained in the website listed below and by selecting Race Permits in the category drop down box; for officials’ questions, use the officials drop down box.

Timelines listed here are suggested guidelines. The earlier a promoter and PC/CR review the more time errors can be caught and corrected without delaying the permit process.

0) New Race Venues

If the race is held on a brand new course and CR is not assigned, contact the PC and Officials’ Coordinator (OC) as soon as possible to determine if a venue inspection is required. If the promoter does not contact anyone and submits the permit application, there could be delays in approving the event.

1) At Least 9 – 8 Weeks before event

The promoter contacts the PC with a proposed race flyer. The PC will be reviewing the flyer for accuracy. (Appendix 2 and 4e – IMPORTANT!)

Additional notes from NCNCA:

All promoters should provide a physical address for the location of their registration tent or the cross streets at a minimum.

Promoters are encouraged to align race categories with BAR/BAT.

The PC will work with the promoter to make any corrections required on the race announcement. Once all major corrections are completed, the PC will forward the race announcement to the CR to check for accuracy and feasibility of the event. The PC will give the CR 24 to 48 hours to review and provide feedback to the PC.

In regards to the feasibility of the event, the CR may review with the promoter a preliminary event checklist. Having this ready to discuss will alleviate problems as race date gets closer. (Appendix 4b)

In the event that a race was not scheduled or reserved during the annual scheduling meeting or does not have a CR assigned, the OC will need at least 3-4 days to appoint a CR for the event. If a CR cannot be appointed within the 3-4 days, the PC or OC will be the backup permit reviewer. This step here assumes that both the PC and OC allow a new event to be scheduled or existing event on the calendar to be rescheduled. As of 2010, the following NCNCA policies apply for an event that was not reserved at the scheduling meeting:

1) No date can have two road races scheduled together without the approval of both the Officials Coordinator and the Permitting Coordinator. This would include a road race that is part of a stage race. (Passed by NCNCA board of directors on October 2010)

2) No date can have three of the same type of race (Criterium, Road Race, Time Trial) scheduled together without the approval of both the Officials Coordinator and the Permitting Coordinator. (Passed by NCNCA board of directors on October 2010)

3) All race schedule requests subsequent to the November 1st, 2010 Scheduling Meeting will require a deposit of $150 per race date. This fee is refundable once the event is held or if it is cancelled a minimum of sixty days prior to the event date. If an event is cancelled within sixty days of the event date then the deposit is forfeit. (Passed by NCNCA board of directors on October 2010)

When all corrections have been resolved on the race flyer, the PC will notify the promoter to submit the application online. (Appendix 3)

2) Sunday of Week 7 or Sunday of Week 3 before event

The promoter should submit the flyer and event permit application online even if the race flyer and event checklist are still being reviewed by the PC and CR to avoid the late fee-- $100 charge will be incurred if you submit your paperwork 6 weeks before event; a $150 late fee, 2 weeks before event.

For online applications, the promoter must print out, sign, and mail a contract to USAC. For mail applications late fee would apply based on when the PC receives the application. (Appendix 3)

3) When the PC receives the permit application online or by mail*, the PC will download a copy or scan all the paperwork and provide to the CR. Only the PC may notify the promoter that the event is approved and may publish the event flyer and open registration.The PC will also communicate to the NCNCA webmaster that a race event is approved, and the promoter can then provide the online registration link or flyer for publication on the NCNCA website. (Appendix 4)

When the CR receives the permit application paperwork, he/she should already or will be in active participation, planning and preparation with the promoter to ensure a successful event on race day.

* USA Cycling is strongly encouraging promoters to use online submissions for race permit applications. Paper applications incur a $25 paper filling fee.

Additional notes from NCNCA:

All races should open registration once a week to facilitate notifying membership on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. Promoters should provide a registration link, pdf version of flyer, and which Tuesday registration will be opened provided that the PC has approved the event.

Note1: Failure to obtain approval before publishing a race announcement may result in a fine of up to $500. (Rule 1I2 as of 2010)

Note2: Opening an event to entry without the approval of the PC may result in revocation/denial of permit, suspension of organizer, and a fine up to the entire amount of prematurely accepted entry fees. (Rule 1G5 as of 2010)

Note3: Any changes to the race event after this step must be approved by the CR. A fine of up to $500 can be levied to the organizer for any unapproved changes.  (Rule 1I4 as of 2010)

4) Once USA Cycling has receivedthe signed contract for online applications or the permit application by mail, the permit# will be issued and USAC will request for insurance certificates from the insurance company. The promoter and PC will be notified when this has been completed.

5) PC will notify the CRonce the permit# has been issued.

6) 1 - 2 weeks before event– If it has been determined that vehicles or motorcycles will be used for the event.The process is outlined here

The promoter should work with their CR to determine out how many vehicles will be needed to safely run your race and if any of the vehicle operators will need the additional liability coverage above. The insurance forms must be received by USA Cycling no later than 7 days before your race. (Appendix 6 and 7)

Additional notes from NCNCA:

Where the centerline rule applies at a race, two race numbers are requiredfor both sides of a rider, unless finish line judging stand is on the left. (Passed by NCNCA board of directors on May 2010). One number should be placed on the side of the judges stand and the other number placed low on the back where it can be seen from behind.

7) 1 week before event

Promoter should get a race packet from USA Cycling. This packet will include paperwork a promoter will need for the race.

In the event that a promoter doesn't get the race packet from USA Cycling then it can be downloaded online. (Appendix 8)

8) After the Event

Within three days of the event, the CR of the race will submit all forms and checks to the PC who will collect and send to USAC. The promoter will submit a copy of the results to the BAR/BAT coordinator and to USAC online.


1) Promoters should familiarize themselves with USA Cycling insurance coverage and information can be found at:

2) All promoters should understand the rules pertaining to promoting an event outlined in the sections below. Rules can be viewed at the following site:

Section 1D2(b). Qualifying Distances for each category

Section 1G. Organizing Races
Section 1H. Event Permits
Section 1I. Race Announcements
Section 1J. Entry in Races
Section 1K. Mixing of Classes and Categories
Section 1L. Prizes and Payments

3) Submission Methods

1.    For online submission, you must:

o      Have a USA Cycling account at Note that you don't need to hold a USA Cycling license to have an account, simply go to the above page and create an account.

o      Be listed as an "Event Organizer" with a current USA Cycling club on your account. If you're not listed as an event organizer, ask your club contact to add you which can also be done online at USA Cycling.

o      Go to the following, MyUSACycling --> Event Permits --> Enter a New Event

o      If an event permit application is submitted online, the promoter must still mail a signed copy of the contract to USAC.

2.    For mail submission, send your event permit application packet containing the above items to: USA Cycling Event Permit Application, 210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80919-2215

4) Permit Application Forms

All USA Cycling event permit application packets require the following 5 items:

a.    USA Cycling competitive event application.

b.    USA Cycling competitive event checklist.

c.    Third party named insured form.

d.    Event Medical Plan and Checklist. You should keep a copy of this form for your records and have a copy of it available on race day.

e.    Draft copy of the race announcement for your event (

5) A webinar from USA Cycling on Permits:

Links to the handouts:

6) Vehicle Insurance Forms

1.    Non-owned/hired motorcycle application supplement ( This form is required if your race will be using motorcycles, and the motorcycle riders need liability insurance coverage. Many private insurance policies will not cover someone if they have an accident while involved in a contest of speed and or they are being paid for their services when the accident happens. Mostly this coverage will be required in road races where you have motorcycle officials and or marshals out on the road with the racers.

All motorcycle officials will require that a supplemental insurance being purchased. Be advised that if the insurance is not obtained for the motorcycle officials, the CR may warrant the event unsafe and cancel the race. Please work closely with the CR in a timely manner to get this paperwork completed. He/she will also help you provide the detailed motorcycle information for each driver required in the form.

2.    Non-owned/hired auto application supplement ( Just like with the motorcycle coverage above this coverage may be needed for people who are driving lead/follow vehicles in a race in the event their personal coverage doesn't cover them when they are involved in a contest of speed or acting as a vehicle for hire.

7) A webinar from USA Cycling on Vehicle Insurance:

8) Race day packet Forms

9) All Race Forms

10) Promoter Resources

11) Course Safety Guidelines

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