February 13 - UC Davis Collegiate TT

The year college kids go Eddy Merckx style.
Mark Adkison, Ph.D., Hors Categorie Photography

February 11 - Local Track News Roundup

A reminder that the junior/youth Sunday afternoon Hellyer sessions are starting up for 2010 this weekend.

Ten questions with Daniel Holloway

via aeniii, your Euro helmet will not be allowed in most *USCF* races, and Hellyer gets a spot on the newly resurrected US National Track Series (does that open up the district/state championship mass starts to out of staters?)
New elite nationals qualification method

Changes this past week on www.ncnca.org

Usually I just skip right to the road or cx page but that means I miss updates on the main page.

The recent upgrades/downgrades is back so you can congratulate folks ( or heckle as the case may be... :) ).

2009 champions all in one place. For the largest district in the country, U23 women don't contest the crit/road race or did we not have an event/or min field? OTOH, no women over 60 or men over 70 either...

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