2010 Hellyer Velodrome Training sessions

With the return of more daylight hours, less rain and warmer weather, one may wonder if it's time to break out the track bike. Yes it is, but check the calendar for authoritative details on regular scheduled weekend training sessions and the soon to be coming Monday night beginner training sessions.

Eligibility and rental availability for training sessions is explained by popups on the calendar so read them carefully. Since these are ongoing, no weekly retweets to spam you, but last minute changes in schedule due to weather or other circumstances will always be posted in the official Hellyer google email group so subscribe today for the timeliest updates.

February 13 - UC Davis Collegiate TT

The year college kids go Eddy Merckx style.
Mark Adkison, Ph.D., Hors Categorie Photography

February 11 - Local Track News Roundup

A reminder that the junior/youth Sunday afternoon Hellyer sessions are starting up for 2010 this weekend.

Ten questions with Daniel Holloway

via aeniii, your Euro helmet will not be allowed in most *USCF* races, and Hellyer gets a spot on the newly resurrected US National Track Series (does that open up the district/state championship mass starts to out of staters?)
New elite nationals qualification method

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