LA Track World Cup Coverage by locals

Photos by Steve Ryan.

Photos by Ted Burns.

Photos by Matias Elgart. 

Photos by Rob Evans

More photos by Rob Evans.

Latest reportage on Proman blog.

What's Jeremy up to?

Ran into a very proud father, Curt Ferguson, on Alpine Road today (on his twenty five mile commute on a fixie!) and he told me his son, Jeremy Ferguson, of Rocklin, CA, was invited to Geoff Proctor's Eurocross Camp 2007.  Follow some of his exploits here.

A little NorCal road trip to the ADT Ladies Only Track Session

Hanan Alves-Hyde was kind enough to share some insights and photos from her and her co-conspirators about their recent trip to Los Angeles.  Thanks Hanan!

Details on the sessions at ADT/Encino:

ADT Ladies Only Track Session (LOTS):
ADT Accelerated Class:
ADT Training Races:
Encino Velodrome Winter Challenge:


Karla Kingsley:
Hanan Alves-Hyde:
Sabine Dukes:



Hanan Alves-Hyde:
Sabine Dukes:

Beth Newell, part uno:

Beth Newell, Part deux:

I went about three years ago, but for some reason they didn't let me do the LOT session so I had to ride with a bunch of stinky guys so it wasn't nearly as much fun as Hanan, Sabine, Karla, Jen, Beth and Alicia had this past weekend:

Richest Track Race in the US

One 100K scratch race.

Report by Michael Hernandez - Rock Lobster, VOS, Swobo

Photos ( or it didn't happen) by Sabine Dukes - Velo Bella/Kona

A little BMX

video of some local grass roots BMX action shared by Veronika Lenzi of Through My Eyes Photography.

Photos uploaded throughout the year by Shane Huntoon.

Ride the World Cups - 23 November 2007 short report

Really big turnout for track at this time of the year - about forty A's and ten C's.  I think having it on a holiday helped a bit.

Photos and video at:

Photos by Garrett Lau at:

One more way cyclocross is different (mostly for you elites out there)

Do not trade bikes with a teammate.   

This is why Danny Summerhill got DQ'ed at the USGP in New Jersey on November 18.

My WAG is that this is to prevent a rider from having a tag team of virtual mechanics on the course.

This rule applies to everyone in every category but is more likely to happen to someone who gets used to not having this rule enforced at a low key local event and moves up and starts racing at a higher level and finds out the hard way.

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