One more way cyclocross is different (mostly for you elites out there)

Do not trade bikes with a teammate.   

This is why Danny Summerhill got DQ'ed at the USGP in New Jersey on November 18.

My WAG is that this is to prevent a rider from having a tag team of virtual mechanics on the course.

This rule applies to everyone in every category but is more likely to happen to someone who gets used to not having this rule enforced at a low key local event and moves up and starts racing at a higher level and finds out the hard way.

Upcoming new track points race series at Hellyer

There will be an upcoming track points race series with one before each World Cup.  (It's a winter sport in the Northern Hemisphere...)  These are being held to help prepare our local representatives Shelley Olds and Dave McCook from the Proman Team prepare for their World Cup races.  First one is planned for November 23 -

New NRC Crit for the Women

Looks like any women who want to be in good shape for the first NRC race of the year need to push up their training schedules by a couple of weeks. The women will have a new local NRC race in Santa Rosa on Feb 18th. The Women will be racing on the circuit used by the Pro men for the finish of stage 1 of the Tour of California.  The women will be racing on the same final circuit that the men use and will race before the Tour of CA stage finishes. given the large crowds that have shown up in Santa Rosa for the Tour of CA finish in the past this will be a good opportunity to gain some valuable exposure and race in front of a large spectator crowd.

Clif Bar

Clif Bar has been a sponsor for the NCNCA premier series, both the adult and junior track programs and many of the local teams for years.   We are all aware of their tasty and nutritious food and drinks, but I did not know the scope of their support of other causes until I noticed their extensive photo collection on flickr which documents this and other activities which I wanted to spread the word about:

List of track supervisors

Off the top of my head here is the list of people who can open Hellyer and run a session, and their current focus for any regularly scheduled sessions 

  • Farid Abrahm - Tuesday PM 14-22 session
  • Rick Adams  - Wednesday night promoter
  • Mark Altimarano  - Saturday beginner session/substitute
  • Peter Bohl - motorpacing
  • Richard Brockie - Saturday beginner session/sprint training/substitute
  • Marc Franklin - substitute
  • Mike Hardaway -
  • Michael Hernandez -
  • Annabell Holland - weekend intermediate sessions
  • Robin Horwitz -
  • Rob Jensen - 10-15 program/Tuesday Thursday AM intermediate sessions
  • Glenn Kubachi - 10-15 program
  • Andrew Lanier - 10-15 program
  • Matt Martinez - Friday night promoter
  • Larry Nolan - Thursday night promoter/intermediate sessions
  • Giovanni Rey - substitute
  • Mark Rodamaker - Saturday beginner sessions/Tuesday Thursday AM intermediate sessions
  • John Simmons - Saturday beginner sessions/substitute
  • Cecelia Wingate -
  • Steven Woo - 10-15 program/substitute
  • Kevin Worley - Tuesday Thursday AM intermediate sessions/ sprint training

Why am I here?

OK, so our web hosting company added Wordpress as an option so I enabled it and here we are. 

Sorry for the downtime last week, a little payment mixup, hopefully that won't happen again. 

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