Points have been updated for the Premier Series, The NCNCA Points Series, The Junior Points Series, and the NCNCA Women's Series.
The top ranked racers & teams from each of these NCNCA series display incredible consistency, tremendous determination and top of class fitness & skill on the bicycle.
Congratulations to all Men, Women and Junior riders & teams!

The Premier Series moves toward the tail end of the schedule and most divisions are very close in ranking.

Category 1/2 Men have the NCNCA's best lined up to make a great run at the series win and top cash payout honors.
Racers with over 50 points at press time are Daniel Holloway(Team Mike's Bikes p/b Incase), Charles Hutcheson(Marc Pro - Strava), Justin Rossi(Marc Pro - Strava), Tyler Brandt(Get Crackin'), Kirk Carlsen(Team Fast FREDDIE), Roman Kilun(Team Mike's Bikes p/b Incase) and Shawn Rosenthal(Team Mike's Bikes p/b Incase).

The fantastic talent of the Women's Cat. 1/2/3 group in the Premier Series is on full display during each event throughout the racing season. Women racing in the NCNCA is World Class, and riders in the top spots of the Premier Series ranking reflect this. Women racers lined up for the top honors and currently ranked with over 60 points are Alison Tetrick(ExergyTWENTY16), Flavia Oliveira(DNA Cycling p/b Plan7), Amy Thornquist(Pinnacle p/b Argon 18), Fiona Strouts(Folsom Bike/Cervelo), Sara Clafferty(Pinnacle p/b Argon 18) and Mary Elizabeth Maroon(SBRacing).

The Current leaders of the Elite Team Rankings show the very finest groups from the NCNCA, with the some of the most dedicated team directors and top talent overall. Team ranking is a great example of group unity and sacrifice for a common goal. The NCNCA is full of great racing teams, and the Premier Series always displays the very best from our region.

The race for the best team in the Men's P 1/2 division is a 2 horse battle, with Team Mike's Bikes p/b incase & Marc Pro - Strava engaged in a epic battle that will only be settled at the final race of the Premier Series at the Oakland Grand Prix.

The Women's Category 1/2/3 standings currently has Pinnacle p/b Argon 18 in a super strong position overall. The Pinnacle p/b Argon 18 team has demonstrated amazing success during 2013 and are primed for a grand ending to the racing season. Chasing the rear wheels of Pinnacle p/b Argon 18 are the fast Women from Metromint Cycling. This group of star racers can never be counted out and will surely make a push for top honors. Third in the current standings is Folsom Bike/Cervelo, and joins the other teams listed with over 100 points scored for 2013 at press time.

The NCNCA has the very best Masters racing in America. Each week during the 2013 NCNCA Road Racing season Masters athletes compete at a ultra hard core level, all while keeping the game fun and camaraderie high.
The current top three riders in the Masters 35+ & 45+ 1/2/3 divisions are...
35+ 1/2/3- Christopher Phipps(ThirstyBear Cycling), Andres Gil(Michael David Winery Cycling Team), Dan Martin(SAFEWAY/PureRED/Bicycles Plus).
45+ 1/2/3- Dirk Himley(Hammer/Charity of Choice), Cale Reeder(Hammer/Charity of Choice), Hans Gouwens(ThirstyBear Cycling). Hats off to Dirk Himley of team Hammer/Charity of Choice who has the highest individual score of all athletes from the NCNCA in the Premier Series at press time.

The season long NCNCA Points Series is updated...
At press time a few notes of interest show some great performances from certain teams and individuals.

Putting together a great run for the 2013 NCNCA Overall Team Points competition is Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada. To achieve their high score, that is far above all other NCNCA teams currently, takes a complete program of Women, Juniors and Men. Plus great support from sponsors, families and friends. The Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada is a true success story from the NCNCA and the folks behind the scenes at The Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada deserve as much praise as the racers themselves.

The Masters Team from Hammer/Charity of Choice clearly show their dominance of the 45+ 1/2/3 division with a stellar overall score. This talented group of Hammer/Charity of Choice Masters racers has scored over twice as many points then the second place team in their division.

The Leopard-Sapporo Team in the Category 3 division is another success story from the NCNCA. This group of riders can be seen each weekend working as a unit to produce great results, all while keeping the racing focused on good times. The first year team is on their way to earning the best of class in the Cat. 3 division. For a new team to rank 1st in the always competitive Cat. 3 racing group really shows what a talented bunch there is on the Leopard-Sapporo Team.

The Women's Masters 35+ 1/2/3 team standings has Velo Bella with a commanding lead in points. The Velo Bella ladies have a long history of cycle racing in the NCNCA. This could be Cyclocross, MTB XC, Track or Road. The Velo Bella team are always a close knit group who race hard and enjoy the benefit of the cycling lifestyle.

For the NCNCA Points Series individual standings...

Cristina Hughes(Hub Coffee Roasters p/b Tahoe Carson Radiology) is the current leader of the Elite Women's division. Hughes has put together an amazing 2013 racing campaign. Yet sitting right on her rear wheel is a fast crowd of talented female racers that has potential to score points each weekend. Plus the 2010, 2011 and 2012 overall champion of this group, Mary Maroon(SBRacing), can never be counted out. This points chase is very close among the top Women, and the overall winner will most likely only be decided in the final weeks of the NCNCA Road Racing season.

In the Elite Men's division it is last years best of class Chuck Hutcheson(Marc Pro - Strava) who again is putting together a fantastic race season. Hutcheson has a firm grip on the best of class in the P 1/2 division of the NCNCA Points Series.

In the Women's 35+ division Kovarus/Wells Fargo Racing Team's Jennie Phillips is on form and her strong results have pushed herself into the top rank position in this group. Phillips is a talented all-round racer who can often be seen training on Mt. Diablo, practicing her cycling trade with a smile on her face and the look of determination in her eyes.

The final race in the JPS is scheduled for July 14 at the Foothill College Circuit race.

The final race in the Women's Series is scheduled for August 18 at the Two-Wheel Criterium.

Thank you to everyone from the NCNCA for keeping the cycling in our region so great!

Keith DeFiebre
NCNCA President

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