As part of a continued effort to provide the best service to participants possible, NCNCA is soliciting bids for the all of its contractor positions for 2014. All positions are paid as an independent contractor and 1099's are issued at the end of each year.

If you are interested in applying please submit an application by email (vice-president@ncnca.org). Include the title of the position for which you are applying, description of the skills you possess relative to the position and contact information for follow-up. The eight positions and their descriptions follow. Applications are due no later than Dec 31, 2013. All positions will be decided by the current NCNCA Board of Directors by vote at the January BOD meeting on Jan. 19, 2014.

If you have any questions, please email vice-president@ncnca.org

Equipment Coordinator

The Equipment Coordinator is responsible for the storage, maintenance and inventory of NCNCA race equipment. This includes communicating needed replacements, ordering and placing into use. In addition to these equipment maintenance responsibilities the Equipment Coordinator coordinates with event directors to determine requested equipment and coordinates both delivery of equipment prior to an event and the retrieval of equipment following an event. The Equipment Coordinator prepares a an annual inventory of equipment with recommendations for required purchases. Must have a vehicle capable of towing the equipment trailer(s).

Upgrade Coordinator

The Upgrade Coordinator is responsible for processing both upgrades and downgrades utilizing USA Cycling's on-line request system. The Upgrade Coordinator communicates with riders when clarification of requests and/or qualifications are unclear. The Upgrade Coordinator coordinates with the Hellyer Velodrome leadership on Track upgrades and with the USA Cycling Regional Coordinator for all Category 1 upgrades. The Upgrade Coordinator prepares a monthly report of requests, upgrades and downgrades (including denials) by discipline.

Permit Coordinator

The Permit Coordinator is responsible for processing and approving permit requests for all events that are permitted via USA Cycling for NCNCA. This duty includes reviewing permit applications, guiding race directors to comply with USA Cycling rules, NCNCA policies and NCNCA best practices. The Permit Coordinator insures that post-event paperwork, including USA Cycling and NCNCA surcharges is properly delivered and complete. The permit Coordinator prepares a monthly report of permitting activities for the current BOD.


The Webmaster maintains the NCNCA websites, including insuring that regular back-ups and other maintenance activities are performed. The Webmaster assists promoters and NCNCA personnel with website changes required such as data entry, adding event information and uploading documents such as race flyers. The Webmaster provides access to NCNCA members on approval of the BOD.

Results Coordinator

The Results Coordinator updates all NCNCA series results on the website weekly, or as frequent as the availability of results, according to rules approve by the BOD. In addition the Results Coordinator assists promoters in entering their results into the USA Cycling system. The Results Coordinator prepares a monthly report listing the results publishing dates and any delinquent results.

Mentors Coordinator- Men's Coordinator
Mens Coordinator would schedule the men mentors who want to mentor in Men's Cat 5's and Junior races thru the race season, Jan thru Oct. This mentor coordinator will need to attend the early birds in Jan and the mentor training.

Mentors Coordinator- Women's Coordinator
Women's Coordinator would schedule the women mentors who want to mentor in Women's Cat 4 and Junior races thru the race season, Jan thru Oct. This mentor coordinator will need to attend the early birds in Jan and the mentoring training.

Moto Referee Coordinator
The moto ref coordinator will schedule the motorcycle referees for races in 2013. Other responsibilities include license/insurance certification.

Thank you,

Keith DeFiebre
Vice President, Northern California and Nevada Cycling Association

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