All Available Promoters and Clubs

Type Nid
2 Wheel Cycling Member Clubs 322
2 Wheel Racing Promoter 2665
Alta Alpina Cycling Club Member Clubs 306
Alta Alpina Cycling Club Promoter 2660
Alto Velo Promoter 2655
Alto Velo Racing Club Member Clubs 230
American Lung Association Cycling Team Member Clubs 330
AntiGravity Cycling Promoter 2746
Back of Nowhere Enterprises Promoter 5157
BAM Cycling / Barclay's Racing Member Clubs 4941
Bay 101 Racing Member Clubs 328
Berkeley Bicycle Club Promoter 2639
Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC) Member Clubs 2696
Bicycle Blue Book Racing Member Clubs 4942
Bicycle Planet Promoter 3210
Bicycle Planet Member Clubs 2620
Bicycles Plus Promoter 2632
Bike Monkey Promoter 2611
Bike Station Aptos Promoter 3184
Body Concepts Member Clubs 331
Brian Joder Promoter 5790
Bubba Melcher Promoter 5214
Cal Aggie Cycling Promoter 380
Cal Cycling Promoter 3536
California Giant Cycling Member Clubs 325
California Giant Cycling Team Promoter 3377
CCCX (Central Coast Cyclocross) Promoter 2609
CCCX Cycling Club Member Clubs 2744
Central Sierra Cyclists Member Clubs 2691
Central Sierra Cyclists Promoter 3402
Central Sierra Cyclists Member Clubs 4948
Central Valley Cycling Member Clubs 333
Chico Corsa Cycling Member Clubs 2772
Chico Corsa Cycling Club Promoter 2673
Chico Masters Cycling Member Clubs 3433
China Peak Mountain Resort Promoter 5219
Christian Cycling-Hammer Nutrition Promoter 2649
Ciccarelli Enterprises Promoter 2831
Ciclistas del Valle Cycling Member Clubs 344
Ciclistas del Valle Cycling Club, Inc. Promoter 2644
City of Folsom Promoter 5351
Code 3 Racing Member Clubs 334
Colavita Racing - NorCal Promoter 2641
Colavita Racing-Norcal Member Clubs 2701
Contra Costa Cycling Club Promoter 2651
Contra Costa Cycling Club- Kovarus/Wells Fargo Racing Team Member Clubs 335
Cushman & Wakefield Racing Member Clubs 323
Cycle Circus Member Clubs 336 Factory Racing Team Member Clubs 3264
Davis Bike Club Promoter 2650
Davis Bike Club Race Team Member Clubs 2776
Delta Velo / Michael David Winery Cycling Team Member Clubs 249
Delta Velo / Michael David Winery Cycling Team Promoter 2658
Dolce Vita Cycling Member Clubs 4972
Dolce Vita Cycling Member Clubs 2764
Don Chapin Monterey Bay Racing Team Member Clubs 3270
Don Chapin Monterey Bay Racing Team Member Clubs 2784
Downtown Vacaville Business District Promoter 5342
Duane Strawser Promoter 387
Eagle Cycling Club Member Clubs 123
Eagle Cycling Club Promoter 2634
Eagle Cycling Club Member Clubs 4973
Early Bird Womens Developmental Cycling Team Member Clubs 2949
East Bay Cyclists Promoter 2646
East Bay Cyclists Member Clubs 184
Echelon Gran Fondo / ZteaM Member Clubs 341
Echelon Velo Member Clubs 3269
eIQ Energy - MX Fire Member Clubs 2944
Eternal Fitness and Coaching Promoter 3069
Evergreen Cycling Member Clubs 342
Fightin' Bobas Member Clubs 3515
Fightin' Bobas Member Clubs 2677
Folsom Bike Promoter 3311
Folsom Bike / Cervelo Member Clubs 4988
Folsom Bike/VW/Raley's Member Clubs 4943
Forward Motion Race Club Promoter 2663
Forward Motion Race Club Member Clubs 3421
Frank Yohannan Promoter 384
Fremont Bank Cycling Team Member Clubs 2947
Fremont Freewheelers Member Clubs 2622
Fresno State Racing Promoter 3454
Fusion Sport Member Clubs 3435
Giant Berry Cycling Promoter 262
Giga OM-Aro Pistachios Member Clubs 5086
Global Biorhythm Events Promoter 175
Golden Chain Cyclists Member Clubs 327
Golden Chain Cyclists Promoter 2631
Golden Gate Velo Promoter 2667
Golden Gate Velo Member Clubs 2697
Great Basin Imaging/Kinetic Cycles Member Clubs 2679
Greg Bloom Promoter 3324
H.A.L.O Promoter 3613
Hammer Charity of Choice Member Clubs 5110
Hanns Hartmann Promoter 3284
HDR p/b Lombardi Sports Member Clubs 2623
Heather Nielson Promoter 3043
Hub Coffee Roasters p/b Tahoe Carson Radiology Member Clubs 4978
Hughes Allmart/La Dolce Velo Member Clubs 2950
Humboldt State University Promoter 3531
Hydro-Logic Racing Member Clubs 4953
ICCC Promoter 3334
International Christian Cycling Club Member Clubs 214 Member Clubs 2687
Jim Northey Promoter 3369
John Novikoff Promoter 4655
Katalyst Events Promoter 2664
Keith DeFiebre Promoter 379
Kern Wheelmen Bicycle Club Promoter 416
Knight Riders Racing Member Clubs 4946
Kovarus / ABTA Member Clubs 346
Kryki Sports/Audi Member Clubs 2626
Lamorinda Cycling Promoter 2652
Lange Twins Winery Racing Team Member Clubs 3422
Laurie Fenech Promoter 3319
Lead Out Racing Member Clubs 4694
Left Coast Racing Team Member Clubs 347
Leopard-Sapporo Cycling Team presented by Halo-Sports Racing Member Clubs 4981
Lombardi Sports Promoter 177
Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Member Clubs 181
Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club Promoter 2643
Luzvimin Member Clubs 2945
Major Motion NorCal Member Clubs 348
Mako / Mellow Motors Member Clubs 349
Marc Pro - Strava Member Clubs 2829
Marc Pro-Strava Member Clubs 3512
Mark Altamirano Promoter 4525
Matt Brantveyn Promoter 5150
Metromint Cycling Member Clubs 326
Michael Wesley Promoter 5446
Michael-David Winery Cycling Team/Delta Velo Member Clubs 4977
Minimax / Punk Rock Member Clubs 350
Momentum Racing Promoter 418
Momentum Racing California Member Clubs 2624
Momentum Racing P/B Global CTI Member Clubs 4945
Monterey Bay Racing Team Promoter 5213
Monticello Cycling Club Member Clubs 2698
Monticello Cycling Club Promoter 2668
Morgan Stanley Cycling Team Member Clubs 2688
NCNCA Promoter 5250
NorCal Hub Racing Member Clubs 3107
NORCALCX Promoter 6055
NorthCal Water Promoter 3609
Northern California Velodrome Association Promoter 3351
Northstar California Resort Promoter 5803
Off the Front Promoter 5124
OHANA Sport Member Clubs 2923
OHANA Sport Promoter 2659
Olé Racing Member Clubs 4987
Owens Healthcare Cycling Member Clubs 3434
P A C E R S Member Clubs 3265
Pacers Promoter 3294
Pacific Crush Racing Member Clubs 3266
Parnassus Investments Promoter 3614
Pedali Alpini Member Clubs 3267
Pedali Alpini Promoter 2636
Peninsula Velo Cycling Club Promoter 2630
Peninsula Velo Cycling Club Member Clubs 353
PG&E Promoter 3608
Pilarcitos Cyclesports Promoter 2633
Pilarcitos Cyclesports Member Clubs 382
Pinnacle p/b Argon 18 Member Clubs 3450
Plantz / Echelon Promoter 185
PrecisionStoneRacing Member Clubs 2948
Primetime Cycling Team Member Clubs 4932
Project Sport Promoter 385
R4R Make A Wish Member Clubs 2771
Rabobank Promoter 3453
Red Kite Racing Promoter 4873
Red Kite Racing / Tri Valley Velo Member Clubs 4934
Red Peloton Member Clubs 308
Red Peloton Promoter 2661
Red Peloton Member Clubs 5014
RED Racing Member Clubs 2625
Redding Velo Member Clubs 354
Rene Goncalves Promoter 3304
Reno Cycling Team presented by Nature's Bakery Member Clubs 4971
Reno Wheelmen Promoter 2642
Reno Wheelmen Member Clubs 2775
RG Promotions Member Clubs 4720
RG Promotions Promoter 3451
Ride2Recovery Promoter 5116
Rio Strada Racing Member Clubs 183
Rio Strada Racing Member Clubs 3513
Rio Strada Racing Promoter 2645
River City Racing Member Clubs 356
Rocket Sports Racing Member Clubs 338
Rocket Sports Racing Promoter 3227
Sacramento Cyclocross Promoter 2602
Sacramento Golden Wheelmen Member Clubs 3546
Sacramento Golden Wheelmen Member Clubs 2780
Sacramento Golden Wheelmen Promoter 2638
Safeway/GA Pure Red Member Clubs 3438
Sam Ames Promoter 3215
San Jose Bicycle Club Member Clubs 3419
San Jose Bicycle Club Promoter 2647
Santa Cruz County Cycling Club Member Clubs 3271
SB Racing Member Clubs 4976
SCCCC Team Santa Cruz Member Clubs 2693
SF Sport & Spine PT Racing Member Clubs 361
SF Urban Riders Promoter 5349
Shawn Mehaffey Promoter 3133
Sho-Air/Sert Member Clubs 4603
SHO-AIR/SERT Member Clubs 2778
SideMark Corporate Furniture Promoter 3610
Sierra Bicycle Werk / Youngs Racing Member Clubs 4991
Southern Sierra Cyclists Promoter 2637
Southern Sierra Cyclists Member Clubs 3272
Sprinters Lane Racing Products Promoter 4544
Squadra SF Member Clubs 362
SSC/Young's Comm. Trans./Yokohl Ranch Racing Member Clubs 2690
Stanford Cycling Promoter 3479
Steve Grusis Promoter 5149
Stevens Bicycles Racing Member Clubs 3443
Surf City Cyclo-X Promoter 2614
Susanne Linnane Promoter 2669
Syzygy Sports Group Member Clubs 2700
Syzygy Sports Group Promoter 182
Taleo Racing Promoter 2653
Team Affinity Member Clubs 3431
Team Bicycle Trip Member Clubs 3547
Team Bicycles Plus / ZIPZ Cycling Team Member Clubs 4979
Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada Member Clubs 4722
Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada Promoter 2672
Team Chica Sexy Promoter 4468
Team City Sacramento Member Clubs 3423
TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling Member Clubs 366
Team Clover Promoter 2656
Team Clover Member Clubs 232
Team Fremont / FFBC p/b Chipotle Promoter 2657
Team Fremont / FFBC pb Chipotle Member Clubs 146
Team Genesolve Member Clubs 5003
Team Mason Thomas Member Clubs 2779
Team Metromint Promoter 5341
Team Mike's Bikes Member Clubs 3514
Team Mike's Bikes Member Clubs 2694
Team Oakland Cycling Member Clubs 2773
Team Precision Fuji Oval Racing Member Clubs 4933
Team Revolutions Member Clubs 370
Team Roaring Mouse Member Clubs 3206
Team Specialized Promoter 3359
Team Specialized Racing Member Clubs 329
Team Swift Member Clubs 3436
Team Swift Promoter 4675
Team TIBCO II Member Clubs 2627
Ted Fisher Promoter 3383
The Olympic Club Member Clubs 2777
Third Pillar Member Clubs 2781
Third Pillar Racing Promoter 2654
Thirsty Bear Cycling Member Clubs 3518
ThirstyBear Cycling Member Clubs 372
Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Development Member Clubs 2699
Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Development Team Promoter 2648
Tim Healion Promoter 388
Tim Zsoka Promoter 5211
TimeYourRace Promoter 6879
Topsport Member Clubs 2783
Topsport Promoter 2640
Touchstone Climbing Member Clubs 324
Tour de Nez Outreach Promoter 5992
Tri Valley Velo Promoter 2675
Tri Valley Velo Member Clubs 374
UC Berkeley Cycling Team Promoter 3125
UC Davis Cycling Promoter 5678
University of California Davis Member Clubs 3449
University of Nevada Cycling Team Promoter 3074
USA Cycling Promoter 2666
USA Cycling Member Clubs 389
Valley Spokesmen Member Clubs 174
Valley Spokesmen Race Team Promoter 2674
Velo Bella Member Clubs 2695
Velo Girls Promoter 2635
Velo Girls Member Clubs 109
Velo Promo Promoter 3226
Velocity Valley Women Member Clubs 2628
Veronika Lenzi Promoter 2794
Victory Velo Bike Shop Promoter 383
Victory Velo Racing Member Clubs 2686
Vitamin Water / Folsom Bike Member Clubs 375
VOS Racing Member Clubs 2629
VSRT/DS Electric Member Clubs 3437
Warren Geissert Promoter 3000
WCC WCC Promoter 4653
Wells Fargo Racing Team / Contra Costa Cycling Club Promoter 2676
Wells Fargo Racing Team / Contra Costa Cycling Club Member Clubs 216
Wenzel Coaching Promoter 3007
Wenzel Coaching Men's Development Program Member Clubs 377
Whole Athlete /Specialized Member Clubs 2782
Winters Education Foundation Promoter 2662
Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County (YBONC) Promoter 3061
Zenn Cycling Team Member Clubs 3420
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