January 22 - Early Bird Road Race Status

From Bob Leibold and Alec Berger: 11:30 pm
Velopromo and ncnca.org updates added - race looks good

From President Lorri Lee Lown:

Early Bird Road Race Conditions: 5:pm: The County road crew is still working on a slide and will be reporting to us tonight. We won't be able to update this website further tonight however. The road was open today in midafternoon. We hope to get a note with any updates posted on the NCNCA.org website and/or a note on the NCNCA list. The County will also have a crew with a bladed vehicle clearing all rock about 3:00 a.m. (!!) Saturday, and we will have a crew in front of the first riders in the event. A slide in the morning could still close things, but we'll be there ready to start. Weather itself looks go

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